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ClearWater Services is a full-service irrigation and landscape lighting company with over 25 years of experience! We provide residential and commercial customers with all their irrigation design, installation, and maintenance needs. In 2022, Clearwater joined The Davey Tree Expert Company.

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced company to install or repair your irrigation system, look no further; ClearWater Services is your one-stop place for all your irrigation needs.

Irrigation installation and maintenance by ClearWater Services in Nashville, TN

Irrigation Installation

ClearWater Services will design and install a high-efficiency irrigation system for all sizes of residential and commercial properties. Custom irrigation design serves a key role in planning how your irrigation system will provide the best water-management for your property. Quality in our design will reflect in lower water usage and overspray.
Irrigation system service and maintenance by ClearWater Services in Nashville, TN

Service & Maintenance

Protect your landscape investment and conserve water by ensuring that your irrigation system is in top working condition and properly adjusted. Whether you need sprinkler heads, controllers, control valves or pumps repaired, we service ALL brands on the market. We offer complete system analysis and diagnosis of your irrigation system to ensure it is operating at peak efficiency. We specialize in locating wiring issues and missing control valves with expert troubleshooting skills and equipment.
Landscape lighting by ClearWater Services in Nashville, TN

Landscape Lighting

Let your landscape come to life at dark under subtle lighting to create wonderful shapes in a beautifully sculptured effect. ClearWater Services provides professional LED Landscape Lighting design and installation services for your property. We specialize in low voltage, outdoor LED lighting that will enhance the beauty of your landscaping and home. Whether you need a new lighting system or retrofitting an existing one, we provide all of your lighting needs.

Green Roof Irrigation

ClearWater Services installs overhead or subsurface irrigation products proven to deliver efficient, reliable results for your green roof. Irrigation requirements for green roofs can vary depending on plants, climate, and other variables. Some green roofs will only require irrigation during establishment and periods of extended drought.  Green Roof Irrigation systems just aren’t used to water the plant material on the roof it also allows the green roof to be fully optimized. With the ability to irrigate during hot dry weather the rooftop can be turned into one big cooling unit and save money on air conditioning.

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